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Tamilnadu School Books Online Purchase 1st to 12th standard with High Quality Prints Delivered to your address

All the students who are doing schooling should need textbooks for the reference as study material. It is an essential material for the students to prepare for the examination. The Tamilnadu Government schools and other schools getting support from the TNDGE will be receiving the school books on free of charge. But in the case of the private schools and candidates need to purchase the books in the shops.

Tamilnadu government has taken this initiative to distribute the textbooks immediately to the requested applicants and this announcement was recently declared for the press as you can see clicking the below.

TN Govt Education Announcement Copy

Tamilnadu School Books Online Purchase 1st to 12th standard Available with High Quality Prints Delivered to your address register online www.textbookcorp.in

Here is the option for those private school managements and candidates to buy the all the 1st to 12th standards high quality school textbooks online which is easiest way. The textbooks will be delivered to the registered address.

Download Free School textbooks Tamilnadu State Board 1-12th std Online

How to Buy Textbooks Online:

All the students and school managements who are interested to get the school textbooks through online must register themselves at the www.textbookcorp.in official web portal that is owned by Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.

There are two different Registration forms available for the first time login.

1. Register Your School:

If you need tn school textbooks for many students, you can choose this registration form and enter basic details of your school and mobile. Once you entered your mobile number you will receive the One Time Password (OTP) and enter that verify before registration.

Click Here to Register Your School

Once you completed the registration and you will be getting the school and registered password. Now you can login and order the number of books for the required standards.

School Login

2. Student’s Registration:

If you are a student / you need textbooks for individual then you can select this registration. While registering you need to provide parent/guardian name and students basic information along with the school and address.

Submit Student’s Registration Form Online

After completing the registration form for students you can login to the web portal with help of student name and registered password. There you can select the preferred textbooks by referring prices of it.

Students Login

Tamilnadu Textbooks’ Price List for 1st To 12th Standards:

Here you can find the complete list of prices for the Tamilnadu education school books for 1st to 12th standard. You can calculate the amount based on the books count the subjects because the price is getting changed for different volumes and books. You can check out the below link for the price list of all the books starting from 1st standard to 12th standard for both Tamil and English medium books.

Price List of TN School Textbooks

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  1. iam from telangana .i want to get(buy/purchase) the tamilnadu state govt text books 11 &12th standards,how can i get it reply me

  2. I am living in vadodara , wish to purchase tamil state board books ( english) and to get deleived at my home address at vadodara. is it possible?

  3. wish to purchase tamil state board Higher secondary 1st & 2nd year accountancy text books ( english) and to get deleived at my home address at Trichur KERALA is it possible? if possible let me know the procedure .

  4. I want 6to10std samachir text book for competition exam,i lived in Chennai ,how I get these book or where I get it.

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